January – March 2018

Alex Wissel Rheingold


Poster für Rheingold, courtesy Alex Wissel


Alex Wissel and director Jan Bonny have been working on the project “Rheingold” since the end of 2015. “Rheingold” takes the life story of former art consultant Helge Achenbach as an occasion to craft a satirical, cultural panorama of the last twenty-five years. It deals with the question, how has Beuys’ dictum “everyone is an artist” turned into me-incorporated?
The work is divided into two artistic processes—drawing and film—which run parallel and in relation to one another.
Bonny and Wissel developed this film project following their collaboration on the film “Single” (2015). “Rheingold” will continue to be filmed on location at each successive exhibition that the two participate in. They are currently working with the Volksbühne in Berlin on a further production of “Rheingold.” The premier of the web series will be celebrated there in March as a part of the “Fullscreen” program series. In his drawings, Alex Wissel combines his research with scenes from the film. They can be read as a humorous, alternative writing of (art) history.
Alex Wissel (*1983 in Aschaffenburg) lives and works in Düsseldorf and Munich. The drawings and various working versions of the film have been shown in: “Von den Strömen der Stadt”, Museum Abteiberg, Mönchengladbach; “RHEINGOLD,” Ginerva Gambino, Cologne; “RHEINGOLD”, Haus der Kunst & Filmfest München; “Jürgen Eulenberg / Roland Klick / Alex Wissel-Jan Bonny” at the Neuer Aachener Kunstverein.